STEP 1 - Fill out and drop off Application, include non-refundable application fee ($35)  

STEP 2 - Email to set Interview Date -  

STEP 3 - You will be notified of acceptance or denial  

STEP 4 - Complete Registration Process (fill out remaining paperwork, order curriculum and pay $50 supply fee along with first month’s tuition)


We are making plans for our next School Year and we are so excited that YOU are going to be part of it all!

Please fill out the form below for all new and returning students.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee - $35 per student - non refundable  

Supplies Fee - $50 per student - non refundable (due at registration upon acceptance)  

Tuition - $3000 / year  

                $1500 / semester  

                *10% sibling discount  

Curriculum - An additional:  

                        K - $250 - $300  

                        1st - 12th - $350-$400  

                             Curriculum Fees include -  

                             Elementary Spelling fee $25  

                             Elementary History fee $30  

                             K-3rd Science fee $25  

Umbrella fee - $75 / year (only applies to umbrella students)  

                 *will provide attendance and records to LEA  


For University Model Students:


For Umbrella Students:

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